Hardscape : Barbeque / Fireplace / Fire Pit / Flooring / Water Features
     Everyone knows carefully selected plant-life is essential in creating a relaxing environment, but how many people give equal consideration to decorative structures? Barbeques, fireplaces, patio materials and decking materials all play an important role in our outdoor life. The options are endless. Your lifestyle will dictate many of your choices, but our designers can pinpoint the most becoming hardscape elements to suit your tastes.

Softscape : Lush / Desert
     Trees, plants and flowers are usually the features we think of first when discussing landscaping. Since softscapes are often the most prominent features in a landscape it is crucial to select them intelligently. Our landscape designers will assist you in making these horticultural decisions. Proper selections and creative placement of trees and plants will create curb appeal, increase property value, reduce utility bills and enhance your outdoor living environment. By assessing your property, home, family and lifestyle your landscape designer will create a functional and personalized planting plan to meet all of your goals.